Ищу Display Control Interface Driver Development Kit (DCI DDK) и спецификацию самой технологии DCI от Microsoft и Intel

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Ищу Display Control Interface Driver Development Kit (DCI DDK) и спецификацию самой технологии DCI от Microsoft и Intel

Сообщение BlackDoomer » 20 апр 2024, 16:30

Ищу файлы, лежавшие на ftp.microsoft.com одно время. Нашёл упоминания о них вот здесь:


Microsoft Windows DCI DDK v1.0 for Windows 3.1

This is the Microsoft Windows Display Control Interface (DCI) Driver Developer Kit (DDK) version 1.0, for Microsoft Windows 3.1. This DCI DDK is available in 3 separate files (each map to a disk in floppy distribution), named in dciddk<x>.exe, in self-extracting archive format. Disk 1 contains the DDK executables, sample source, spec and documentation. Disk 2 contains test applications. Disk 3 contains the Video for Windows 1.1D run-time.


Microsoft Intel DCI Specification v1.4

This is the "Microsoft Intel Display Control Interface", version 1.4, dated June 13, 1994. The DCI for the Microsoft Windows operating system is a driver-level software interface which provides access to display devices while maintaining compatibility with Windows GDI. It provides a device-independent way for Windows subsystem software such as 3-D graphics packages, games interface packages, or digital video codecs to access display device-dependent features. Applications should be using WinG and Video for Windows, which will use DCI or other methods to communicate efficiently with the hardware, and also work on Windows NT. DCI works with Windows 3.1 and will work with Windows "Chicago"; due to architectural differences, Windows NT does not support DCI, which is under consideration. This specification provides information for implementing and using DCI. Dci.zip contains dci.doc, a Microsoft Word document.

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